Saturday, March 20, 2010


As promised, this is Baby E after his little "treat" in the tub.

I hate waiting. I hate waiting for a good table at my favorite restaurant. I hate waiting for a phone call about the job I REALLY want. I hate waiting for my husband when he's on his stupid cell phone and I need speak with him. But what I really hate is waiting for my baby to wake up from his nap so I can kiss his sweet little cheeks and smell his baby scent and smile at his toothless little grin.

I've been trying to snap some really good pictures of Baby E that truly capture his personality. This is not an easy feat. Maybe I am not artistic enough, or MAYBE I need a better camera. At any rate, tonight was a night of photos. It started in his high chair where he has almost mastered the art of feeding himself veggie-puffs. I did not produce a single photo worthy of noting. Sad. Next we moved on to the floor. I was about the clickity-click away when my Skype thingie rang. It was my 3 nieces. So much for photos now. Although, I did hear an interesting story about an imaginary friend named Bob and how he forgot his lunch when he went to work this morning, so he had to come home early and there was an equally imaginary monkey in his bathroom. But I digress. After the Skype conversation, it was bath-time. Bath-time tonight happened to be in the kitchen sink. I FINALLY got his attention and just snapped away. After reviewing the photos, I believe I have 2 good ones out of about 35. Not a bad ratio, I guess.... Here's the funny thing: The best picture of him is when he decided to POOP in the sink and he has this totally adorable shit-eating grin (no pun intended) on his face. I promise to post it soon - it's just too late to upload them right now!

The upstairs is ALMOST done - we are in the home stretch now! Just waiting for the tile guy (hopefully this week) and the carpet guy (1st week of April)! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!


  1. Aunt Catherine loves this picture & needs a copy so she & Uncle Justin can oogle our baby Ethan from afar! How cute!! I love it & this totally fits his personality - keep it up mom, getting pictures is hard b/c they move so darn fast! Love to you all!

  2. He is SOOO cute & I will see him tomorrow- Nana

  3. This is hilarious! You just wait! The messes are just starting!

  4. LOL! This post is soooooo funny! I love the way you write! And that picture is ADORABLE!!