Monday, December 27, 2010

Dancing E

Sometimes when you least expect it, something little happens that makes a big difference.  A couple of weeks ago my sister and I were out shopping with Baby E.  We made a *quick* stop at one of those giant discount warehouses.  You know, the place where you go in to buy diapers and end up with a 10 pack of Clorox wipes, not one but TWO giant bags of Veggie Sticks, a 6 liter bottle of red wine and a new Christmas tree.  So we were at that place.

While walking down the aisle of Christmas ornaments, we came upon a 1990's era boom box playing Jingle Bell Rock.  Now, Baby E is a dancer.  A good one.  It's like an automatic response that when he hears music, his world stops and he bounces and shakes and wiggles in a way that would make Michael Jackson look like one of those 'dancing hamsters'.  Yeah. He's THAT good.  The only problem is that when he is dancing,  he completely ignores everyone else in the room.  So, here he goes. Jingle Bell Rock is playing and he starts dancing (even closes his eyes for a second).  A Grumpy Old Man looking character comes walking down the aisle.  Obviously he's walking down the decorations aisle because it is the least populated one and he can get to the checkout quicker in order to buy his 750 count box of prunes and his extra large box of vitamins.  He is grumbling about something or other, and looking down.  Suddenly, he sees Baby E and gives him a little scowl as if to say "children should be seen and not heard".  Baby E STOPS dancing, raises his hand in the air (as though he's waving) , nods his head once and grins.  Grumpy Old Man stops in his tracks and doesn't smile, but GIGGLES at Baby E.  Baby E nods again and resumes his dancing.

See, little thing, big difference.  It made my day.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Usually, I think babyE's farts are cute.  But not today.  Today, every time I hear a toot in his pants, I wince because I KNOW that there will be runny poop in that diaper when I go to change it.  He's gone through 3 outfits already today.  UGH.  That's all.

This was outfit #2 today (just jammies)  - he looks sick, no?

Monday, December 20, 2010


I'm taking BabyE to the doctor today to see what is up with this cough that will not let up.  It's been an ongoing battle for the past 8 weeks.  Maybe he's had a few colds that are running together - at least that's all I'm hoping it is!

Baby E in the FIRST sink bath in the new kitchen.

In other news: the kitchen remodel is DONE!  Well, Big J still has to put up trim around the floor, and we have to paint the door, but other than that, we are finished!

View from the entry - the hood over the range is still covered in white plastic - it is
stainless steel to match the rest of the appliances. 

view from the breakfast nook - The door on the left goes down to the basement, but I have to get it painted
before we put it back on.  the huge butcher block was from our old house - I couldn't bear to part with it!

I finally got all my Christmas presents wrapped up and ready to go - I fell a little behind because this is the year of the home-made gifts......My brother and sister and I (and our spouses) exchanged names as usual, but there were rules.  We are only allowed to spend $10 and the gift we give has to come from either a second-hand store or be something we make.  It should be an entertaining Christmas morning (to say the least).  Last year we had to make the gifts and there were some very creative presents exchanged.  There was a sweatshirt and CD of the "Kringle Kris" aka my little brother; an adorable frame with a photo of BabyE - a gift from my sister-in-law; a set of dressed up golf-club covers; a home-made cookbook; a set of hand-spun wooden darts; and there was one more, but I can't seem to remember what it was!  It was really fun, and a good way to not spend a fortune on gifts :)

We will be trekking up north (how much farther NORTH can we get from here??) to my sister's on Christmas Eve for the festivities.  Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010

17 months!

Baby E after his fall at the ice-skating rink.
 Dear Baby E,

Baby E yelling at his cousins in the bathtub
The girls kept moving his cups around.....
Can you PLEASE lose the attitude?  I know you are getting your top molars in, but do you really have to throw yourself down on the floor and scream every time I try to change your diaper?  Also, would you mind not playing with that DAMN music box every second of the day?  I get it. It plays 76 different songs and it lights up and you can choose which instrument you'd like to hear, but if I have to listen to the classical version of "London Bridge" one more time, I might just start drinking BEFORE noon.  On the other hand, please don't ever stop giving mommy your "lovies", you know, the ones where you run up to me at lightning speed and when I pick you up you grab my face with both of your hands and 'kiss' my face until I'm laughing so hard I almost pee.  Those are my favorite kind of kisses.  Oh, and please continue to put on an excellent show for complete strangers.  Like Saturday when I took you to the ice-skating rink with your cousins and you danced and danced while the girls skated.  Then, when you tripped and fell and had those giant tears, I picked you up and you laid your head on my shoulder and let me cuddle you.  Don't stop that, because 5 minutes after your fall, some ladies came out of the warming shed and told me that they LOVED your little dance and that when you fell, there was a collective gasp that went through-out the room.  Oh and please don't EVER lose your desire to learn or your curiosity!  It's kind of annoying when you keep opening the bathroom drawers to take everything out, but I love how you study each thing as you're doing it and then line it all up on the floor.  I love you little peanut and I can't believe you are already 17 months old.  Where has the time gone?  You are getting bigger and smarter everyday and I could sit for hours and just WATCH you!  Thanks for making me laugh and reminding me of how important it is to be a good role model for you!

playing in the kitchen during the remodel

Love, Mommy

Thursday, December 9, 2010

sick baby

Baby E is sick.  Not the crying, throwing up, fever, chills sick.  Nope.  He's the kind of sick that the goo runs from is nose like a dripping faucet and the cough starts in his lungs and works it's way into his throat and then turns into a sneeze which means MORE green goo for me to clean up.  Does this sickness faze him?  Not in the least.  I declared today "pajama day" at our house.  Me and Baby E will not be leaving the house, so I found his most snuggly pj's and warmest socks and he's running around like a madman.  He's into making piles and so far today I have found a pile of books, a pile of tissues (dirty ones from the bathroom garbage can), a pile of small stuffed animals (including Elmo, and those things that sing when you push their bellies) and a basket full of things with wheels (cars, trucks, pull-y things).  So since it's pajama day you'd think he'd want to take nap,  huh?  Nope.  He wants to wander from room to room and make piles.  Oh well.  Maybe he can help me sort clothes in the laundry room.  In the mean-time, enjoy the photo of him under the Christmas tree after his bath last night (I FINALLY found my tree skirt this morning)!