Thursday, December 9, 2010

sick baby

Baby E is sick.  Not the crying, throwing up, fever, chills sick.  Nope.  He's the kind of sick that the goo runs from is nose like a dripping faucet and the cough starts in his lungs and works it's way into his throat and then turns into a sneeze which means MORE green goo for me to clean up.  Does this sickness faze him?  Not in the least.  I declared today "pajama day" at our house.  Me and Baby E will not be leaving the house, so I found his most snuggly pj's and warmest socks and he's running around like a madman.  He's into making piles and so far today I have found a pile of books, a pile of tissues (dirty ones from the bathroom garbage can), a pile of small stuffed animals (including Elmo, and those things that sing when you push their bellies) and a basket full of things with wheels (cars, trucks, pull-y things).  So since it's pajama day you'd think he'd want to take nap,  huh?  Nope.  He wants to wander from room to room and make piles.  Oh well.  Maybe he can help me sort clothes in the laundry room.  In the mean-time, enjoy the photo of him under the Christmas tree after his bath last night (I FINALLY found my tree skirt this morning)!


  1. Oh Mins-- I am so sorry that BabyE isn't feeling good! Are you sure you want the girls coming down there tomorrow? I'm glad that you were able to spend a PJ day with's good for both of you. Your little brother was a pile maker too. Isn't that funny? OMG...maybe BabyE will turn out to be a MamasBoy too!

    Love to the naked little man under the tree from his Nana- xxoo

  2. OMG!! That is absolutely, positively, hands down THE BEST Christmas tree pic EVER!!

    I hope BabyE feels better! Our little ones just got over that...yuck :(