Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chickens and Bunnies

Our little family unit went to my parents house this weekend. I spent Saturday running errands with my sister and baking cupcakes for my niece's 6th birthday. Baby E wore his totally adorable little "paper-boy" hat. I can't believe how many people comment on that hat. My sister likes to carry him around when he's wearing it - gives her a little extra boost when people come up and say how cute he is (which he absolutely is)... Went back to my parents house and put Ethan in a chicken costume to get some pictures for an Easter card. His cousin, Julia, not to be outdone, went and put her bunny costume on. Some REALLY funny pictures came out of that little costume party.

On Sunday we went to Maria's birthday. Roller skating. I think the last time I went roller skating was 1988. You know what the great part about roller skating is? It's just like riding a bike (which is ANOTHER thing I'm not very good at). You simply cannot forget how to do it. The only differences between 1988 and today are the music and the fact that now I'm in my 30's, and falling hurts like a mother effer. So today, I am STILL paying for the roller skating adventure with an ice pack on my knee and a big bottle of Tylenol. Big J pushed baby E around the rink in his little stroller. Baby E was loving it. And he looked so cute in his little red bib-overalls.

Someone told me today that Ethan reminded him of Benjamin Button. Not sure how I feel about that.


  1. Guess I have to watch Benjamin Button now...

  2. LOVE the chicken outfit - what a great idea for an Easter card!! Justin is counting the days to seeing Baby Ethan!! :) I will be jealous!