Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Joy of Jumping

Well, Baby E has FINALLY figured out how to get his legs moving and JUMP, JUMP, JUMP! It is so fun to watch him. He also has been eating pineapple and kiwi......the kid loves fruit. He must get that from me - big J does not eat anything that grows on trees or in the ground unless I MAKE him!

In other news, we are going to FLORIDA in April! I can't wait. I'm sure the weather here will be more tolerable by then, but I know that in FL it will be so nice and WARM! This has been a very loooonnnggg winter and I feel like I've been stuck inside since November. Anyway, enjoy the video. That little boy really makes me laugh!


  1. Love the video!! Pictures are wonderful, but it's so fun to really "see" him...& that smile - wowzers what a heartbreaker! We miss him! (& you - great to talk to you guys today) :)

  2. It's even more fun to see it in person. He is going to be a real ham!