Thursday, March 18, 2010

out in the yard

It's finally happened. Just like my mom said it would. Yesterday I went outside and got some yard work done. AND I DIDN'T HATE IT. Generally I HATE anything that gets my hands dirty. This includes: gardening, changing oil, washing my car, making meatballs (or hamburgers), fishing, changing poopy diapers, cleaning out the fireplace, scooping the litter box, etc. So yesterday it was a balmy 59 degrees here in Fox Point, and I decided to put Baby E in his stroller and start some spring clean-up. I raked, and I swept, and I put out the spring decorations. I also got to see the little shoots of daffodils and tulips coming up. Baby E was as happy as a clam to just sit there and play with his feet and occasionally "talk" to me about all the interesting things he was observing. Now, I'm not saying I actually liked the yard work, just that I didn't hate doing it - maybe it's because the last two years I haven't been able to do anything in the yard. So today Baby E and I are going to get some wild bird seed and fill up the feeders that I found out in the garage - another first!

Time to change a poopy diaper - still not loving that chore! oh well!


  1. Mom knows best~lol I think it is the wonderful sense of accomplishment that you get when you are done-and that you are doing it for someone besides yourself. One day you will even love doing it- I promise! Loving my little BabyE in his stroller-

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your writing style. Really makes me want to read the whole thing instead of skip some of the story. Your little one is a cutie too! :)