Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let the biting begin.

We reached a major milestone yesterday! Baby E got his first tooth! He's been crabby and feverish for the last couple of days, but now, he's back to being happy baby. I was starting to worry that he didn't have any teeth in his head - I guess he's just a "late bloomer". He has also learned how to get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth. I'm worried that crawling will begin any day. We are NOT ready for that. The house is hardly baby-proofed. I'll have to put away my 4 ft tall vases until he turns 18. Kind of sad to see them go. I bought some outlet covers, and have to get them installed; and this weekend's project is to put those annoying little catches on all of the bottom doors/drawers in the kitchen. Woo-hoo.

I finally picked out paint for the upstairs! Hope to get started on that today during nap-time. We'll just see how that pans out! Jason and I went ordered the tile for the bathroom and it should come in today - I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS PROJECT FINISHED!

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  1. Mins-Funny what you wrote is the subject of my blog tomorrow-lol...