Thursday, May 20, 2010

oh, towels. How I love you.

A towel. How can a towel make you feel better? When we were kids we knew someone was sick not by the smell in the bathroom or the vaporizer in the bedroom, but by seeing "the towel". It was a sure sign that mom had been up in the middle of the night in order to tend to a sick child. Maybe it was the flu, maybe we had eaten too much Halloween candy, maybe we got a hold of a bad cheeseburger. Whatever it was, you could count on the towel.

What does a sick person need a towel for? I'm not *exactly*sure what mom's logic was, but I think it had something to do with not wanting to change the pillowcases 4 times in one night. "If you start to feel sick, just lean over the side of bed and try to get it in the garbage can. When you are all done, I'll come clean it up and you just lay your head here on this towel."

And you know what? It worked every time. It was like a security blanket (except it was a towel). I knew that once I put my head on that terrycloth piece of heaven, I was going to feel better.

During my first 3 months of pregnancy, I wore a hole in the towel. I felt sick all the time, but I when I put that towel over my pillow, something magical happened. I fell asleep, and THAT is the best medicine of all!

This was my entry to Mama Kat's Workshop this week - I chose prompt #2

2. What was your medicine? Tell about a time you remember being sick.

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  1. I didn't think about a "towel" having so much magic. I have done this with my kids when they are sick. After having to washing pillow after pillow one time when we all had the flu I decided I needed something to cover the pillow and keep it sort of clean! The towel worked wonders. Now i'm curious if my kids feel like you do about the "towel". Maybe I too have created magic towels in my house. Good blog post! :)

  2. Over from Mama Kat's (and a follower too...told you I'd get you)

    It's so nice to think that what we do as mom's will continue to comfort for the rest of our kid's lives. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awwww...I still have a towel! And now I use it when the grandkids are sick! Soon BabyE will have one too! Isn't it funny that Mom's Magic
    Towel passed the test of time & brings back a warm (or feverish) memory? Love you- Mom

  4. Moms were the inventors of the placebo. Sometimes it is simply the nurturing that we need, but we give them something tangable to provide future comfort. I am liking the towel idea.

  5. Awesome post!! That towel idea rocks! I'm so glad that you like Mama Kat's workshop too...I love your writing!

  6. That was so sweet. Stopping by from Mama kat's.

  7. Ha! This is great! My mom totally used the towel and I TOTALLY use the towel! I literally lay towels all over the crib/bed, on the floor, etc.. so that it will catch any barf!
    So glad you are doing Mama Kat's workshop. I didn't do it this week, but really want to again next week!