Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day?

I wonder how many years it will take for my poor husband to get it right on Mother's Day....Last year didn't 'count' as far as he was concerned because I was only pregnant and not yet a "mother". This year, I thought it was going to be something special. Let me just say this before you get the wrong idea: I was not disappointed in Mother's Day.

BUT here's the scoop: At 6:00 the Baby E decided to wake up. The only thing I was really expecting yesterday was the delight of sleeping in.........not happening. I finally got out of bed at 6:10 to go get the monster and bring him into bed with us. He was not interested in going back to sleep - so guess who was up for the day? Yep, the mother. On Mother's Day. Damn.

Next: Big J gets out of the shower and says he's going to run to Starbucks (which I just KNEW meant that he had completely forgotten to get me a card and was therefore running to the drugstore to pick one up, and probably some flowers too, if they were on sale).

Then: He comes home while Baby E is napping and I'm catching up on emails and hands me the flowers (price tag still on) and the card (envelope still wet from being sealed). Oh man, do I know this guy, or what?

Then: We headed up to meet my sister and her family for breakfast (my mom had to work, so we didn't get to spend the day with her). Get to breakfast and guess what - it's a buffet. Anyone who knows me, knows JUST how I feel about buffets. Anyone who doesn't can ask. To Big J's credit, it was at a really great art museum and it WAS pretty good food. After hanging at the museum for a while, we took a walk by Lake Michigan, which was quite nice. Also, Big J painted Baby E's hand and put his print on card for me in the children's area of the museum. That was totally cute.

Finally: We come home and Big J decides that he is going to work on painting something in the garage and asks me what I am making for dinner. I told him that he could order pizza, cause I wasn't cooking. on mother's day.

Then I did laundry and put the baby to bed.

I know it doesn't sound fantastic, but I did get to hang out with my sister and nieces and we DID have a nice family day. And believe me, I quit expecting big romantic gestures after Big J proposed to me while we were sitting in the car. But that's a different story for a different day.


  1. you know you are REALLY married AND a Mom~ Welcome to womanhood, honey! BigJ is almost as romantic as your Dad-the first year I was pregnant he gave me a Monkey windchime with all these little monkeys haning out the bottom (to clang together to chime, I guess). This wonderful prize was accompanied with a note that said, Happy Mother's Day-I hope we have this many kids. Talk about romance!And......I cooked breakfast!

  2. Well, my day was so bad that I decided NOT to even write about it!! I love the really secretive "run-to-Starbucks" thing they try to they really think that we don't know what's going on?? I got so mad at my hubby (who was sick on Mother's Day so I didn't even get to sleep in either), when he said "I was going to get you something today, sorry". TODAY?? Like the day hasn't been advertised everywhere for the last month??!

  3. Ha! You are so funny! Thanks for visiting my site!