Sunday, May 16, 2010

I had to work yesterday. On a beautiful Saturday. If you know anything about Wisconsin, those are hard to come by. But I digress. I put in a llloooonnnngggg day. I am in the process of hiring 700 (yes you read that right, seven HUNDRED) employees to work the the summer "festival" season. So yesterday, I got up at 6 and headed into work. We invited 500 people to come to in for an interview yesterday and 375 of them showed up. I didn't get home until almost 7:30. I'm still tired today.

Here the good and bad of when I got home.

Good: Big J got the DOORS hung on our new addition. Even the one at the bottom of the steps (which we HAD to have because my sister is allergic to our cat and we want her and her family to be able to come and stay at our house). It's a pretty glass door and it lets in TONS of sunlight in the afternoon! This means that today, we have to do touchups on the paint and then this week the carpet goes in, and we are DONE!!! YAAAAYYYYYYYY!

Our new door!!

Bad: Poor Baby E was out of formula and Big J didn't think to go get more, so poor little guy missed his two afternoon bottles. Also, when I walked in Baby E was wearing just a short-sleeved onesie and it was starting to get kind of chilly AND Big J had every window in the house open. ALSO, Baby E had food caked on his face and in his hair. The house is a MESS and oh, Big J made plans to go over to the neighbor's house for dinner.....we're supposed to bring a salad and something for dessert - they are making the burgers and drinks. Oh, did you say DrInKs? I am so there. But first I had to run to the grocery store, buy stuff for a salad, pick up some dessert (cause I'm not feeling like baking something) and GET FORMULA for my poor little guy.

Today I'm going to relax and catch up on mommy-baby time. I miss my little monkey when I'm at work, but I just keep telling myself - it's only until October!


  1. Ugh! Are you in HR? I remember before kids I worked in HR and hated doing those huge hirings...there are some weird-os out there looking for work!
    The bad sounds a lot like when my hubby keeps the kids :)

  2. I am *sortof* in HR - I run the beverage operations for the summer festival season at a local site. We have one HUGE event that runs 11 days with 11 stages of music and then the rest of the summer it's smaller festivals and some one-day events (concerts, etc.) Definitely saw my share of weird-o's yesterday! I think it must be a "dad" thing to care for the children like they do.....

  3. I am with you about leaving your baby. I hate working, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Sometimes, it takes a mommy to do the multi-tasking and daddy to do the heavy, ugly work. You sound like a good least after the fact...

  4. Hey, I left you an award on my blog.

  5. Oh, honey, honey, honey (as SweetCheeks says). I hear you. You have married your father-God bless you and Good Luck!!! What ARE they thinking most of the time anyway?

  6. Love the new door - very nice! Glad to hear you are close to done - that has to be exciting!