Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Up All Night

I've been told (by a very reputable source) That pictures make the blog followers happy. So I'm going to post some pix of my very adorable baby boy and my baby-daddy (who is also my husband). Maybe, if you're REAL lucky, I'll find a photo of me and stick it up. We'll see.

The Baby E is a sick little monster. He had us up most of the night with his coughing/gagging/crying combination. It went a little like this

raspy, throat cough that sounds like there is a truck in his chest followed by gagging on whatever substance the cough produced in his mouth, followed by waking up and crying because he's been startled followed by about 10 minutes of talking himself back to sleep. Then sleep for about 45-50 minutes. And repeat.

I'm hoping for a nice long nap this afternoon. For him. and me.

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  1. Welcome to Motherhood-Your life as you knew it is over...lol