Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shopping With Nana

Today Baby E discovered the joys of shopping with his Nana. He found lots of cute clothes and some toys and put them in my shopping cart. When we got to the checkout, Nana said "just put those in with my stuff, I'll buy them!" Ethan was SOOOOO happy. Now he knows how his cousins' have felt since THEY were born.

On a separate note, my niece Julia came over to our house on Wednesday morning. She was pretty obsessed with trying to find the cat (who did NOT want to be found). I decided to distract her with lunch. PB & J with the crust cut off. She then said (and this is a quote) "Mimi, do you have any chipssssssssss?"
Me: what kind of chips?
Julia:"the orange ones".
Me: I don't have any orange ones, but I have regular chips.
Julia:"Regular chipsssssss?"
Me: yep
Julia: I'll try them
Me: here you go (I put some on her plate)
Julia: OOOOhhhhhh, these chipsssssss, hey, where's the cat?

So after lunch, I gave her a scoop of chocolate ice cream. She spilled a little on the table. No big deal - it's a glass top. She looked at me and said, " I spilled some, but if I put my bowl over it and rub it around, you can't see it anymore, Hey, where's your cat?"
OKAY. Guess I don't need to clean it up then.

Baby E is sleeping, time for me to do the same.

P.S. If you are following my mom's blog, I'm going to show her how to post pictures....stay tuned.

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  1. hahaha-That's our little SweetCheeks. Mindy-will you post a link to my blog on yours and I will do the same for you on mine. I enjoyed our time yesterday- Thrift stores are SO much fun!
    Hey, Mindy- I know something you DON'T! lol You need to go into your set-up screen and hit the button so that people don't have to type in a scrambled word every time they want to post-It's a pain~ Love and hugs...