Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pizza Snuggie

This year for Christmas, my siblings and our spouses exchanged names in order to cut down on the gift buying.   There were two rules agreed upon:

Rule #1:  You could not spend more than $10 on the gift
Rule #2:  The gift must be either hand made or bought at a second-hand store (Goodwill, St. Vincent's, etc)

After all gifts were exchanged, it was agreed that my sister, Tara gave the best gift and my brother Ryan was the lucky recipient.   She combined his two favorite things:  Pizza and TV time.  The result?  A pizza Sunggie, made with love.
I know it looks bad, but the top was supposed to look like a pizza slice, not a KKK hood.......

This was posted for Wordful Wednesday


  1. Now that is hilarious. Seriously. The only way to make it better is if it had scratch and sniff stickers on it.

    As for phone sex. I would never through a relay interpreter because I am one and let me tell you there are people who do it anyway. One word. Awkward!!!

  2. What a hoot. I think I actually snorted when I saw that pizza snuggie!

  3. Well, I think it's hilarious. A definitely conversation piece. :)

  4. lol, talk about not being able to claim it...
    one of a kind i see!
    love it.. too funny

  5. LOL Mins- You got a great shot of that! I forgot about it looking like a KKK thing. OMG! Hugs- Mom

  6. I love it! And I love that you were creative with your gifts. I am sure it made it more fun!

  7. I love your posts, enjoyed 2 full pages, and I'll be back for more.
    Thanks for being as funny as your mom!

  8. I love the rules of your exchange - great way to recycle and reuse.

    And - I love the snuggie!