Thursday, November 18, 2010


 Now that fall is almost over and winter is getting ready to settle in, I figured I better post a few pictures of Baby E (who is really not a baby any longer but rather a toddler, but I'm going to keep calling him my baby until another one comes along).

This is the first year he was able to get out and enjoy the fun things that autumn in Wisconsin has to offer.  We played in the leaves almost every day  - too cold to even think about playing outside right least until I get him some warmer pants!

I took on the task of making his costume for Halloween this year.  I can't tell you how many times I ripped parts of it out because I suck at sewing and haven't used a pattern since 8th grade home economics class  they just didn't feel right.  I must have worked on that damn tummy panel for about 3 hours and then realized that NO ONE WOULD SEE THE FRICKIN' TUMMY  because the vest would cover it up.  Rookie mistake.  Next year he's getting something made out of cardboard.  I gotta say, though, he really was cute!
I'll post some photos from his "Fall Photo Shoot with The Cousins" next time!


  1. Oh-Mins! He is the cutest little monkey grinder ever! You did such a great job on that costume....and you should be proud of making it "the right way"-even if no one knows how perfect it is! I can't wait to see BabyBoy at Thanksgiving (a day early). Love to you, Mins- & kiss Ethan for me! Mom ps..GREAT pictures...he is a ham and will soon be taking SweetCheeks spotlight~ xxoo

  2. Love these pics Mimi! I pasted one as Allen's desktop! Can't wait until he turns on his computer and see's Jason and baby E!