Thursday, April 15, 2010


I should be cleaning. I should also be digging the suitcases out of the attic so that tomorrow I can pack. I should ALSO be doing laundry so we have some clean clothes to put into those suitcases. But I'm not. Yep, we're going on vacation. To Orlando. For a week. I've been looking forward to this little trip for a couple of months now, but here is the part that stinks: My tulips are FINALLY in bloom. I planted over 200 bulbs last fall and I have been waiting and waiting for them to bloom. Of course, they pick the one week I'm going away to open up. I think they are doing this on purpose. I'm going to take some pictures tomorrow so that I can at least have evidence that spring was here.

I went to Target (pronounced Tar-jay) and JC Penney (pronounced jock-pen-nay) to buy summer clothes for the little monkey. He is now the proud owner of some plaid shorts and matching polo's. SOOOO cute. What amazes me is the fact that for every cute "boy" outfit, there are about 57 cute "girl" outfits. I think there should be a store that ONLY has boy stuff......maybe I'll open one. Right after I start my organic baby-food and online home-made bib businesses. So, anyway, we are headed to Florida on Saturday and luckily, I had the wherewith all to take off work tomorrow in order to get all the stuff done that I had planned on doing all week. Kind of hope that the weather is crappy so I don't get tempted to go play in the dirt.

In other news, Baby E went to see the doctor today for his 9 month check-up. He is still a little peanut, weighing in at a whopping 15 lbs. 12 oz. He is at 1% for weight (which means that 99% of kids his age weigh more than him), but at least we are OUT of the negative percentile! He is also at 20% for height. Tall and skinny - I have NO idea where he gets this.... I asked if I should be concerned and I was reassured, once again, that he is fine. In fact, he is developing ahead of schedule for things like motor skills, problem solving, physical ability and social skills. Not to mention, he is SO DARN CUTE!! This all makes me feel much better. Doctor says that once he is off breast milk, he will catch up in the weight department. No hurry there, although he is already weening himself - he loves his bottle.

Time to try on my swimsuit. I wonder if there is any way I can lose about 20 pounds before Saturday.


  1. Julia can't wait for Baby E to put his skinny little body in some swim trunks. Our little bathing beauty is ready to go.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, and I'm so glad you did! I'm your newest follower! This story is both scary and funny at the same time; we have to vacations planned this summer with our three under three. Only kind of looking forward to it! And bathing suit shopping? Fuggetaboutit!