Friday, February 18, 2011

Updates! LOTS of Pictures!

The laundry room!

brushing his teeth 
playing with the new tool bench 
had to pull his hair out of the way because he was feeding himself pudding and I didn't want it in his hair! 

GO PACKERS!!  Super Bowl sunday

Oh man, where does the time go?  I haven't blogged in over 6 weeks....Here's a quick update:
down the slide with Lulu
Hanging out playing with the tool bench again!
Baby E has learned to open doors around here.  This is NOT a good thing.  Since he has been mobile, I have been closing all door down the hallway to encourage him to stay in the "living" area of the house (where the toys, kitchen, etc. are located).  Now that he can open all those doors, he has decided that the bedrooms and bathrooms are much more fun to play in.  I don't mind the bedrooms so much - not too much for him to get into in there.  But the bathroom?  it's like Chuck E. Cheese in there for that kid.  The toilet water is apparently waaaaayyy too fun to pass up, and the drawers?  I had no idea that my hairdryer and hand towels were so much fun.  The worst part is that now he knows how to get outside. I see a trip to Home Depot in my very near future: like tonight when Big J gets home from work!
Baby E is also learning lots of new sign language thanks mostly to the video that Nana got him for Christmas.  He now knows how to say (in addition to what he already knew) "sleep", "bed", "cookie", "bath", "eat"  and my favorite: "love you".  There are a few more, but I can't remember them right now....he's also beginning to say few words - movie, cat, no, yes and Maria (his cousin) are the easiest to decipher, but he also knows 'fish' (eeeesshhh), yuck (uckks), and a few more - he does a LOT of babbling and he understands most of what I say to him (where is the ball?, where are your toes?, where is daddy's hair?, do you want to have breakfast?, etc).  I guess it's time to really start watching what I say around here!

The backsplash in the kitchen
I bought him a tool bench at a rummage sale a couple of weeks ago and he is LOVING it!  It has become his "go-to" toy whenever daddy is around.  He pretends to fix his big truck (that grandma and grandpa got him for Christmas) and uses the screwdrivers in some pretty random places (like on the couch and the fireplace).  He's getting so big and watching him learn is pretty amazing!

Hey mom, Take my picture!!!
In other news: I don't know if you've heard this or not, but my hometown team, the GREEN BAY PACKERS won a little game called the Super Bowl!  What an exciting time in this area!!  We also completely finished our kitchen/laundry room remodel!  Just got the tile backsplash in the kitchen last week, so it's officially DONE!!
Breakfast time!


  1. Mindy-What a GREAT post! Look at that beautiful child!!! He has my Dad's (your Granddad's eye color)..that bright blue..and I hope they stay like that his whole life and don't darken as he ages.

    Your backsplash is looking wonderful. I like it much better than the other ones you brought home. I was thinking we might drive down this weekend but it looks like we are gonna get hit with snow and I am still fighting this cold (or whatever it is).

    I took Juju to Starbucks tonight-what a riot! Just did my post on it. See you soon- Love, Mom

  2. YAY!!!! We got our BabyE fix tonight!! Love all the new pics of him - he's getting big! Your house looks awesome! I love the laundry room & backsplash! Thanks for the update on E's speech & language skills - I pretended that was just for me! ;0) Give him a hug for us! Love ya!

  3. Hide the Mascara, it doesn't flush well..
    Love your post on the boy, he is adorable.
    The backsplash is really nice.

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